Get a Downside Buffer with Your Variable Annuity

Delaware Life executives Tom Seitz and Dale Uthoff explain their new variable annuity, Accelerator Prime, with RIJ. Like hot-selling registered index-linked annuities, it offers a downside "buffer."

The Trade-Offs of a Big Spend on Infrastructure

Finding money for Biden's infrastructure plan will be easier than finding the human and physical resources to do it, and easier than agreeing on what to give up to free-up those resources.

Fidelity’s average 401(k) balance: $123,900

The average 401(k) employer contribution rate was 4.6%, and the average contribution was $1,720. Among 403(b) accounts, the average employer contribution was 4.1% and the average amount was $3,000.


April 29, 2021

Research Roundup

We summarize four recent papers: 'Portfolios for Long-Term Investors,' 'What is the Value of Annuities?,' 'Public Economics and Inequality: Uncovering Our Social Nature,' and 'Financial and Total Wealth Inequality with Low Interest Rates.'
April 22, 2021

An Annuity’s ‘Moneyness’? There’s an App for That

How will variable annuity contract owners use their income benefits? That question is vital to annuity issuers and to fiduciary advisers with clients who own VAs. This Texas Dep't of Insurance actuary knows a...