This Is Worse than the Fiduciary Rule

Nature abhors a vacuum, and so does the retirement industry. Now that the Obama fiduciary rule is gone, some people are realizing that it actually served a purpose. The problems that the DOL addressed in the rule are still with us, and there's no promising new solution to them in sight.
Tax Breaks

New tax law reveals imbalance in homeownership benefits

'The TCJA has left the nation with an upside-down tax incentive for homeownership that applies to only about one-tenth of all households—nearly all of them with high incomes,' writes our guest columnist.

How Canadians regard lifetime income: CANNEX

Fewer than half of Canadians surveyed were confident in their ability to maintain their standard of living until age 90, while 58% would expect a decline in living standards if they reached 95.

Honorable Mention

MetLife and Ernst & Young collaborate on financial wellness program; eMoneyAdvisor adds lead-generator to its platform; VALIC and RetireUp partner on Retirement Pathfinder.
Guaranteed income

‘OnePension’ lets employers put DB back in DC

'We now have a solution that adds a guaranteed component to the retirement plan without being burdensome,' said Pete Welsh of OneAmerica, the provider of OnePension.


May 10, 2018

La Vida Robo

After MIT and a stint at Merrill Lynch, Carlos Garcia decided to start Finhabits, the first bilingual English and Spanish robo-advisor and savings tool. It's for first-time savers. It's also one of the first...
May 3, 2018

The Bucket Brigade

Time-segmentation stands at the intersection of insurance and investments, of modern portfolio theory and asset/liability matching, and of behavioral finance and quantitative analysis.
April 26, 2018

With FIA Caps, Higher is Better

CANNEX, the real-time annuity rate provider, has published a study that compares hypothetical fixed indexed annuity returns with the returns of multi-year guaranteed rate annuities. Cannex recently added FIAs to its data platform. ...