Fixed-Rate Annuities: First Quarter Favorites

“FIA and RILA sales were both slightly down from the prior quarter. That might reflect some investor uneasiness about equity index-linked products,” said Todd Giesing, head of LIMRA Annuity Research.
Guest Column

‘Growth Traps’ Outnumber ‘Value Traps’: GMO

About 30% of stocks in the MSCI US Value index underperform that index by 9% on average in a typical year, writes our guest columnist. But about 37% of the MSCI US Growth index underperform by an average of 13%. 
Anecdotal Evidence

There’s No National ‘Ponzi’ Scheme

Are our grandchildren doomed to inherit all of our debts, and nothing else? Such pessimism ignores the obvious fact that our grandchildren will inherit our assets along with our debts.

Breaking News

iCapital buys SIMON, fusing two fintech firms; Principal closes $25bn reinsurance deal; Securian Financial will be recordkeeper and PPP for WELLthBUILDER PEP; Nationwide is latest in New York's purge of unlawful 'replacement practices'; Riversource fined $5 million for ‘switching;’ Rockefeller Capital Management will be Empower's investment fiduciary; Turer to succeed Kroll at Lincoln Financial.


May 19, 2022

Desperately Seeking Alpha (and Getting Caught)

Low rates, demand for yield, financial alchemy, gaudy incentives and a black swan event provided the ingredients for the cataclysm at AGI US. Pictured: SEC chief Gary Gensler.
May 12, 2022

Who Has ‘Three Legs at Evening’? (The Elderly)

The Pension Research Council's Spring Symposium took place (virtually), which meant no semi-formal dinner with the sphinx at the University of Pennsylvania's museum. But the presentations of research papers were still well-worth hearing.
May 5, 2022

The ‘Retirement Income Consortium’ is Born

Eight financial giants formed the Retirement Income Consortium to promote income solutions in 401(k) plans and 'develop a vetted due diligence framework' for 'selection and monitoring' of those solutions.