A Retirement Income Plan from United Income

One of the smallest of the robo-advisors (United Income) has some of the biggest backers (Morningstar's chairman and eBay's founder) and a veteran (HelloWallet) CEO. RIJ asked United Income to create an income plan for the M.T. Knestors. Here's the plan that UI cooked up.

‘Auto-Portability’ Gets Closer to Reality

After five years of pitching their idea for automatically moving assets from one 401(k) plan to the next when a worker changes jobs, Retirement Clearinghouse this week received the Department of Labor ruling that the project required.  

Ohio National Sued for Compensation Breach

So far in November, three variable annuity sellers, including Commonwealth Financial, have filed federal class action lawsuits against Ohio National Life, which this fall left the annuity business and cancelled further payment of agent trail commissions on still-active VA contracts.

Brand-strength of robos is still fairly weak: Cerulli

The latest issue of The Cerulli Edge-U.S. Retail Investor Edition details the efforts of 10 of the leading digital-focused financial advice platforms in establishing brand awareness among retail investors.


November 8, 2018

New Bedfellows: Richard Neal and the 401(k) Industry

As the next Ways & Means chairman, the liberal Massachusetts congressman won't just be the gatekeeper of retirement legislation. He’s also the only legislator who can ask for President Trump’s tax returns. Bills that...
November 1, 2018

An Industry Haunted by Its Own History

The ghost of demutualization haunts much of the annuity industry today. But that topic was not on the agenda of the annual LIMRA conference in New York earlier this week (Photo: Former FBI director James...
October 25, 2018

Which Annuities Pay Out the Most?

The answer depends on whether your clients want income to start now or in five years or 10 years. Indexed annuities offer the highest minimum income guarantees, if you can wait 10 years for...