She’s Got Advice for Life Insurers

'Insurers can't remain wedded to product sales, which are becoming commoditized in a future that trends toward financial advice,' says industry veteran Michelle Richter, who just launched Fiduciary Insurance Services, LLC.

Why American Equity’s Share Price Spiked Today

With new management and a new business model, American Equity Investment Life hopes to climb back onto the FIA sales leaderboard. It's using the strategy that RIJ dubbed 'The Bermuda Triangle' in two stories six weeks ago.

Capitalize, a new fintech firm, wants to expedite rollovers

The firm’s platform, according to the release, helps 'Americans easily locate and roll over their legacy 401k accounts… instantly locates former 401k accounts, matches users to individual retirement accounts at leading financial institutions, and initiates rollovers on their behalf.'

Honorable Mention

AllianzIM adds two new 'buffered ETFs'; ESG funds, now a political football, haven’t been intercepted; FIDx and Halo partner on annuity/structured product service for advisors; Schwab-TD Ameritrade integration to take 18 to 36 months; Empower in retirement plan deal with Fifth Third Bank; Pandemic raises pressure on insurers’ $1.4T in private placements; JPMorgan Chase to pay almost $1 billion in ‘spoofing’ fraud.


September 24, 2020

Searching for Yield? Here’s Where to Look

Bond gurus Anne Mathias of Vanguard and Rick Rieder of BlackRock spoke at the Morningstar Investment Conference last week. Emerging markets, real estate debt, and asset-backed securities are potential sources of yield, as...
September 17, 2020

Who Rules the Top 1%?

Private businesses and partnerships lead most often to the top wealth brackets in the U.S., new research shows. In this edition of Research Roundup, we bring you summaries of research on variable annuity sales,...
August 27, 2020

The Sacrificial Payroll Tax

Idle talk about suspending the payroll tax is making 'blue' Senators blue. We get answers from Social Security expert Eugene Steuerle of the Urban Institute.