Another Annuity Issuer Enters the ‘Bermuda Triangle’

American Equity Investment Life Insurance Co., a top-ten fixed indexed annuity seller, is partnering with Brookfield Asset Management on a $10 billion reinsurance and investment deal. Their plan looks a lot like the 'Bermuda Triangle' strategy that RIJ has been tracking.

Seven questions that reveal financial biases

'Understanding clients' underlying biases and mitigating suboptimal investment decisions is critical for advisors in a digitally pervasive environment,” a Cerulli Associates report said.
Guest Column

What to Do in Case of Sustained Inflation

'Are you interested in an inflation hedge (something that closely tracks inflation) or a store of value (something that will preserve purchasing power)?' asks the GMO value-investing guru.

Breaking News

Investcorp hires ‘insurance solutions’ expert away from Blackstone; US ranked 19th among world’s retirement systems; Pacific Life VAs to include Invesco ‘Defined Outcome’ funds; Fund and ETF flows abate in September: Morningstar; Allianz Life to offer a VA for fee-based advisers.


October 14, 2021

The New Table Stakes: ‘Unified Managed Income’

To get attention today, income calculation software has to do a lot. Like tell wealth managers and recordkeepers when, in what quantity, and from what sources they should send checks to retirees. Manish Malhotra...
October 7, 2021

Retirement Parachutes, in Different Colors

'Constance' from RetireOne and Midland National lets advisers hang an income-for-life rider on a non-annuity portfolio. Five 401(k) plan sponsors are adopting 'LifePath Paycheck' from BlackRock, Brighthouse and Equitable. It helps participants roll part...
September 30, 2021

Research Roundup

This month we bring you scholarly articles on the Social Security 'tax torpedo,' the likelihood of needing long-term care, the best decumulation strategies from DC plans, the people most likely to 'freak out' when...