Charting the Bitcoin Universe (and other New Research)

This Research Roundup offers a map of the world of cryptocurrency trading, a look at 'Participating Longevity-Linked Annuities,' an investing strategy for low-yield times from David Blanchett, and answers to the 'annuity puzzle.'

Breaking News

DOL sets new schedule for enforcing fiduciary rules; Annexus and Sammons roll out FIA with ESG index, multi-option rider; RIAs can now access an Allianz RILA with income rider on DPL platform.

Retirement-related tax breaks = $276 bn in 2019

The value of exclusions and deferrals of taxes for contributions to and earnings in pensions and retirement savings accounts was $276 billion in 2019. The exclusion for employee health insurance (including payroll tax expenditure) was $280 billion.


October 21, 2021

Another Annuity Issuer Enters the ‘Bermuda Triangle’

American Equity Investment Life Insurance Co., a top-ten fixed indexed annuity seller, is partnering with Brookfield Asset Management on a $10 billion reinsurance and investment deal. Their plan looks a lot like the 'Bermuda...
October 14, 2021

The New Table Stakes: ‘Unified Managed Income’

To get attention today, income calculation software has to do a lot. Like tell wealth managers and recordkeepers when, in what quantity, and from what sources they should send checks to retirees. Manish Malhotra...
October 7, 2021

Retirement Parachutes, in Different Colors

'Constance' from RetireOne and Midland National lets advisers hang an income-for-life rider on a non-annuity portfolio. Five 401(k) plan sponsors are adopting 'LifePath Paycheck' from BlackRock, Brighthouse and Equitable. It helps participants roll part...