Who Rules the Top 1%?

Private businesses and partnerships lead most often to the top wealth brackets in the U.S., new research shows. In this edition of Research Roundup, we bring you summaries of research on variable annuity sales, the Fed's response to the March 2020 crash, and more.
Anecdotal Evidence

Long Guns as Leading Indicators

In past election periods, when I’ve canvassed door-to-door, some people have told me they won’t bother to vote because politicians are all alike. But they aren’t.

Fed Keeps Credit Throttle Wide Open

'The commitment to holding rates at near zero until the economy is both at maximum employment AND inflation is at 2% is the unexpected enhanced forward guidance,' writes our guest columnist, an economist at the U. of Oregon.

Honorable Mention

New A-CAP 10-year FIA linked to Credit Suisse Momentum Index; PlanGap Annuity insures against Social Security failure; 80% of older Americans need financial advice: The American College; ‘Mercer Wise 401(k)’ passes $1 billion in AUM; Completion of Voya-Resolution Life transaction is delayed.


August 27, 2020

The Sacrificial Payroll Tax

Idle talk about suspending the payroll tax is making 'blue' Senators blue. We get answers from Social Security expert Eugene Steuerle of the Urban Institute.
August 20, 2020

An Income-Generating ‘Collar’

Using a 'protective net-credit collar,' the Nationwide Risk-Managed Income ETF has distributed monthly income at an annual rate of 7.88% in 2020, while appreciating 10%. Is there a catch?
August 13, 2020

Life Insurers’ Bermuda Triangle, Part II

The humble fixed indexed annuity is at the center of the restructuring hurricane that has swept through the life insurance industry in recent years. We bring you the second article in a series on...