Anecdotal Evidence

We Deserve Better

We were on our way up and out of the extreme low interest rate regime until the end of July, when factors related to the 2020 election came into play.
Active Mutual Funds

What active funds must do to survive: Cerulli

'Active fund families that have grown organically have shown that there is, in fact, a viable path to success,' said Ed Louis, senior analyst at Cerulli.

Mr. President, Please Stop Tweeting!

'If, as appears, Fed policy is truly being influenced by pressure from Trump, then we will have reckless monetary policy combined with fiscal policy that is out of control,' writes our guest columnist.

Honorable Mention

Sullivan to succeed Pelletier at Prudential; Three Jackson fee-based annuities join RetireOne platform; Ascensus publishes 'Inside America's Savings Plans'; Fidelity publishes 10th annual plan sponsor survey; Vanguard releases fund voting records; Fleming joins Lincoln Financial.


August 22, 2019

A Second Structured Annuity Offers Income

CUNA Mutual Group invades Allianz Life airspace by launching 'Zone Income Annuity.' It's the only structured index annuity besides Allianz Life's Index Advantage Income to offer a lifetime income option. The two contracts differ...
August 15, 2019

Executive Interview: PRU’s Kent Sluyter

The president of Prudential Annuities since 2017, actuary Kent Sluyter spoke with RIJ recently about financial wellness and about his firm's pivot to a new generation of individual annuities.
August 8, 2019

Annuities Aim for Spot in ‘Starting Lineup’

Annuity issuers want—and need—their products to be included as a matter of course in the model portfolios or asset allocation software tools that more advisors are expected to rely on in the future.