It’s Inflation or Recession: Larry Summers

In this research roundup, economist Larry Summers predicts a recession next year. We also review new papers on annuitization habits of TIAA participants, 'tontines' for Chile, shortages of caregivers for the elderly, and the effects of demographics on markets.
Anecdotal Evidence

Bloomberg’s Ideas for Overhauling 401(k)s

Bloomberg editors call the existing 401(k) program 'dysfunctional' and a 'morass.' Their critique is valid, but their suggestions are not quite new.

Breaking news

‘Bermuda Triangle’ on LIMRA conference agenda; AIG issues new five-year FIA for New York; Falling sales prompt Pacific Life to discontinue LTC products; DeSanto takes CEO reins at New York Life; Retirement age investors love income, neglect annuities, another study shows.

Who snagged the best investment results in 2021? Dalbar knows

Dalbar founder Lou Harvey's latest Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior shows how much more equity investors might have earned in 2021 if they had stuck to the fundamentals. But a sector bet on real estate would also have been wise.

Investors play wait-and-see: Morningstar

High-yield bond funds saw a $27.8 billion exodus in March. Large-blend funds, including S&P 500 Index funds, took in $26.5 billion to lead all Morningstar Categories.


April 14, 2022

A ‘Cashback’ Pension-Building Card, from Germany

'The Vantikcard uses the 1% cashback as a kickstart into retirement savings and for customers to then save on top of the cashback,' a Vantik veteran said. Right: Vantik CEO Til Klein.
April 7, 2022

Your Retirement Money Diet

Morningstar's investment gurus put four variations of the "safe withdrawal" method through a simulated retirement scenario involving a 65-year-old man, a $1 million portfolio, and a 30-year time horizon. Each method had strengths and...
March 31, 2022

Meet Corebridge, AIG’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’ Venture

Corebridge Financial is AIG's Life & Retirement division, spun off and rebranded. It teams up with some of the world's largest asset managers and a reinsurer based in Bermuda. An IPO is planned for...