Steve Vernon’s Guide to Retirement Success

Steve Vernon's latest book on retirement, "Retirement Game-Changers," teaches anyone how to win not just the game of retirement income, but the game of life-after-55. Vernon (pictured) is an actuary whose interest in retirement planning grew as he grew older. Imagine that.
Anecdotal Evidence

The Newest Retirement Income Fintech

Kindur, which debuts in January, is a low-cost, digital advice-and-investment-management engine that will help Boomers turn income from annuities and investments into a retirement paycheck. Its founder is Rhian Horgan, a former JPMorgan alternative investments specialist based in New York.
Annuity Sales

FIA sales will exceed VA sales by end of 2021: Cerulli

This article combines Cerulli's latest assessment of the annuity market with third-quarter annuity sales data from the Insured Retirement Institute, Beacon Research and Morningstar, Inc.
Income strategies

Survey shows how advisors generate income for clients

A survey by bond dealer Incapital LLC showed that 51% of financial advisors generate income for clients from dividend-paying stocks, 43% from equity income mutual funds, and 43% from annuities.
Guest column

Send Pensioners Back to Work?

'With able-bodied retirees “working” for a pension, consumption patterns among the elderly need not decline, and governments would have more fiscal space to support the most vulnerable,' writes our guest columnist, a Future of the World Fellow at the University of Madrid.

Honorable Mention

A.M. Best affirms Ohio National’s A+ rating, despite lawsuits; $24 million settlement in BB&T Bank excessive fee case; AIG names new chief financial officer; E*Trade offers online investing tool; Cigna expands its financial wellness program; Reinsurance deal with Athene will fund Lincoln share repurchases; Empower finds appetite for open multiple employer plans.


December 6, 2018

Greetings from the First ‘Retirement Management Forum’

Some 200 members of the Investments & Wealth Institute (IWI) came to Amelia Island, Florida, this week to learn about the principles underlying the Retirement Management Advisor designation, which IWI recently added to its...
November 29, 2018

Annuities ‘Compensate’ Even Short-Lived People

'Nature wants us to pool longevity risk,' writes annuity expert Moshe Milevsky. He explains why in a new paper, 'Swimming with Sharks: Longevity, Volatility and the Value of Risk Pooling.'
November 22, 2018

Employer Match vs. Auto-Enrollment; The Winner Is…

'Most of the estimates from the literature substantially understate the effect of matching,' write analysts Nadia Karamcheva and Justin Falk of the Congressional Budget Office's Microeconomic Studies Division. (Image from 'The Matchmaker,' by Gerard...