Money Myths, Legal Realities

At a conference at Harvard Law School called "Money as a Democratic Medium," law professors debated the origins, purposes, and rightful ownership of money in the modern era. (Photo: Bil Lewis portraying President James Madison, at the conference.)

When the Fed tightens, emerging market borrowers feel the pinch

Increases in the federal funds rate of 25 basis points were associated with a 4.2 percentage point larger overall decline in dollar credit for emerging market firms than for developed market firms, according to new research.

Medicare premiums for 2019

The standard Medicare Part B monthly premium for 2019 will, for most individuals, be $135.50. Single beneficiaries with incomes over $85,000 and married couples with incomes of over $170,000 will pay a higher Part B premium, based on a sliding scale, as required by the Medicare Modernization Act
Guest Column

In Defense of the Fed

'The Fed, it is to be hoped, is finally coming clean on the perils of asset-dependent growth and the long string of financial bubbles that has done great damage to the US economy over the past 20 years,' writes the former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia.

JPMorgan Chase to pay $135 to settle SEC charges

'With these charges against JPMorgan, the SEC has now held all four depositary banks accountable for their fraudulent issuances of ADRs into an unsuspecting market,' said Sanjay Wadhwa, Senior Associate Director of the SEC’s New York Regional Office.

Honorable Mention

Transamerica is sued by its own 401(k) participants; ETFs added $47 billion in November; Alight and Advizr in financial wellness partnership; AIG buys UK group life company.


December 20, 2018

BlackRock, Microsoft & Retirement: What’s Up?

BlackRock and Microsoft's cryptic announcement of a new partnership on a platform for plan participants has puzzled industry executives, who shared their views 'on background' with RIJ. (Pictured: A rendering of the future neighborhood...
December 13, 2018

Steve Vernon’s Guide to Retirement Success

Steve Vernon's latest book on retirement, "Retirement Game-Changers," teaches anyone how to win not just the game of retirement income, but the game of life-after-55. Vernon (pictured) is an actuary whose interest in...
December 6, 2018

Greetings from the First ‘Retirement Management Forum’

Some 200 members of the Investments & Wealth Institute (IWI) came to Amelia Island, Florida, this week to learn about the principles underlying the Retirement Management Advisor designation, which IWI recently added to its...