Research Roundup

Almost every controversial subject in the US today--from Fed policy to machine learning to immigration--contains an element or theme related to retirement policy. The articles reviewed in this month's Research Roundup are proof of that.

Are Concerns over Growing Federal Government Debt Misplaced?

'Let’s put both affordability and solvency concerns to rest: the question is never whether Uncle Sam can spend more, but should he spend more,' writes our guest columnist Randall Wray of the Levy Economics Institute at Bard College.

Breaking News

I-bonds now offer 7.12% return; A great year for life insurer stocks: WSJ; AllianzIM issues new iteration of its buffered outcome ETF; Funding levels of large pensions rose in 2021: Mercer; Vanguard reduces fees on bond ETFs and other funds; AM Best upgrades Guggenheim Life and Annuity; Venerable appoints new chief actuary, Parul Bhatia; SmartAsset launches TV ads.
Anecdotal Evidence

The ‘Catch-22’ of Social Security

Don't let the pundits confuse you into trading your retirement parachute for paper. We need Social Security AND employer-sponsored retirement savings plans. 
Bermuda Triangle News

Fortitude Re, Midwest Holdings pursue ‘triangle’ strategies

Fortitude Re, a reinsurer backed by The Carlyle Group, a $276 billion private equity firm, is completing its annuity-reinsurance-asset management strategy. Midwest Holdings' life insurer, American Life, has launched a new indexed annuity pegged to an 'ESG' index.


December 16, 2021

‘iTDFs’ Smooth the Bumps of Retirement Income

A former chief actuary of Denmark seeks a US target date fund company that might use his technology, the 'iTDF,' to create a seamless transition from pre-retirement savings to safe income during the first...
December 9, 2021

A Revolt Against PE-Led Annuity Issuers

Matt Zagula is an annuity wholesaler and fixed indexed annuity (FIA) designer. He and forensic accountant Tom Gober created the TSR ratio, a scale for rating FIA issuers. Mutual and fraternal insurers score best;...
December 2, 2021

How to Dodge the ‘Inflation Ninja’

'Inflation is like a ninja,' write the authors of a timely article in The Journal of Investing. These experts from the CFA Institute and Franklin Templeton review the major asset classes and consider how...