Trends RIJ Will Track in 2021

When will annuities be loved? After all the creative destruction of the past 10 years, what’s next for the annuity industry? Which trends will persist? Which products will flourish? We discuss the trends that Retirement Income Journal expects to cover in 2021 and beyond.

Beware the Equity Bubble: Jeremy Grantham

In his new quarterly letter, the master of value investing warns that all the classic signs of an overextended bull market are flashing red. He recommends value and emerging market stocks.

The ‘PEP’ era begins

Only 26% of 401(k) plan sponsors say they are at least “somewhat interested” in joining a pooled employer plan (PEP), according to new report from Cerulli Associates.

Building a Bridge to Social Security

Middle-class people who retire before age 70 should spend 401(k) assets first and delay taking Social Security, says a leading retirement income expert. In a new research paper, she crunches the numbers to prove her point.

Honorable Mention

Reports of reinsurance and other deals involving Empower, MassMutual, Ares Management, Unum, Global Atlantic, New York Life, Cigna, and Voya, with other news.


December 17, 2020

The Catch-22 of In-Plan Annuities

Fixed deferred annuities may be the most promising candidates for inclusion in 401(k) plans. But in order to adapt these contracts to the defined contribution space, they must lose some of the 'illiquidity' that...
December 10, 2020

Bermuda Triangle Part IV: The Reinsurance Angle

Publicly-held life insurers are using reinsurance to improve their balance sheets. But at what cost? 'I believe that many of these blocks of business are only being funded in part with real assets,' a...
December 3, 2020

Take ‘AIM’ at Retirement Income Goals

In this excerpt from his new book, 'Lifetime Income to Retire with Strength,' AM Best actuary Bruno Caron presents an example of his 'AIM' retirement income planning method. He recommends income strategies with and...