The Key to Turning On 401(k) Annuities

Micruity, a tech startup with a 30-year-old CEO, says it has the "middleware" that can integrate 401(k) plans and annuity issuers. Will the retirement industry listen?
Guest Column

Fed Frets Over Fiscal Cliff

'The Fed intends to maintain accommodative financial conditions for years,' writes our guest columnist, an economist at the University of Oregon.
Anecdotal Evidence

Is a P.E.P. Rally About to Start?

Willis Towers Watson and Aon both suggested in letters to the Labor Department that they may create defined contribution plans (Pooled Employer Plans, or PEPs) that many employers and companies could join. We may be at a watershed moment in 401(k) history, or not.

Honorable Mention

Net worth of $655k = Happiness, Schwab survey suggests; Athene to hold earnings call August 5; RIAs can now access Pacific Life fee-only annuities on the Orion platform; Fed to maintain target fed funds rate of zero to 0.25%; SEC charges VALIC Financial Advisors.


July 24, 2020

Wells Fargo’s New Annuity Wagon

Wells Fargo Asset Management's new target-date series of CITs comes with a built-in, optional retirement income strategy: systematic withdrawals plus an annuity starting at age 85.
July 16, 2020

Where Does the Fed Get Its Trillions? Ask MMT

In her new book, 'The Deficit Myth,' Stephanie Kelton explains Modern Monetary Theory--and how we can afford a lot more as a nation than we think we can.