Allianz Life’s Index Annuity Winning Streak

In this second article in a four-part series on the fixed index annuity (FIA) business, we profile Allianz Life, the top issuer of FIAs in the US in 18 of the last 19 years. (Image, in Allianz blue, is from an Allianz Life video.)
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Annuities Need More Positive ‘Positioning’

'Consumer sentiment about annuities also appears to fluctuate based on the prevailing market environment,' according to a new study from CANNEX and Greenwald & Associates.

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Wink to provide insured product sales data by index; Participants are new to (and naïve about) investing: Schwab; iPipeline partners with Atidot, a data mining firm; Fidelity and asset manager to finance RIA M&A; Help (but not more money) is available for workers feeling financial stress; Walker to succeed Rasmussen as Nationwide CEO.


June 6, 2019

The Index Annuity Story, Part I

'Zero is the hero' in fixed index annuities, which offer upside without risk of loss. In this first article of a four-part series on FIAs, presented by Retirement Income Journal and Wink, Inc., RIJ...
May 30, 2019

Is the SECURE Act Too Weak to Make a Difference?

Yes, there's a new 'safe harbor' for selecting an annuity provider for a 401(k) plan in legislation that appears headed for the president's signature. But there's no sign that many employers or employees want...
May 23, 2019

‘An Economist Walks Into a Brothel’

The legalized version of the world's oldest profession offers a test-case of risk and reward in Allison Schrager's new book, subtitled, 'And Other Unexpected Places to Understand Risk.' Our guest columnist, a former...