Anecdotal Evidence

A New Kind of RIJ is on the Way

Over the next few months, I plan to redesign the site. My goal will be to make the material that I’ve written and collected since April 2009 more accessible to visitors.

How do 401(k) participants save? Vanguard knows.

Vanguard released its 2022 edition of 'How America Saves,' a compendium of data on millions of Vanguard-administered 401(k) plan accounts. Of participants ages 65+, half had balances under $88k. Photo: Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley.
Guest Column

False Narratives Will Cost You Money

'The US stock market has likely put in a bottom. We expect a rotation out of growth to value. Will S&P 500 make all-time highs by the end of the year? It is quite possible,' writes Marko Papic, chief strategist at the Clocktower Group and our guest columnist.


June 3, 2022

NAIC Reassures Congress on Private Equity-Led Insurers

Responding to Sen. Sherrod Brown's March inquiry, the association of state insurance commissioners gave high marks to their own oversight of PE-linked life/annuity companies. But the NAIC's 'nothing to see here' message disappointed...
May 26, 2022

Fixed-Rate Annuities: First Quarter Favorites

“FIA and RILA sales were both slightly down from the prior quarter. That might reflect some investor uneasiness about equity index-linked products,” said Todd Giesing, head of LIMRA Annuity Research.
May 19, 2022

Desperately Seeking Alpha (and Getting Caught)

Low rates, demand for yield, financial alchemy, gaudy incentives and a black swan event provided the ingredients for the cataclysm at AGI US. Pictured: SEC chief Gary Gensler.