Another Tough Decade for Annuities?

“With zero rates, I get a ‘shrinking iceberg’ feeling,” said Tim Paris, president of Ruark Consulting. He tracks annuity contract owner behavior and sees danger for life insurers at times like these.

Investors flee to bonds: Morningstar

'As evidence of investors' lack of enthusiasm for U.S. equities, a record $27.8 billion flowed out of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF,' the fund research firm reported.

An Imperfect Demand Stimulus

While the Great Depression of the 1930s saw a massive contraction in demand, the current crisis entails a massive shock to the economy’s supply side, writes our guest columnist, the founding editor of The Journal of Retirement. He sees flaws in the Senate’s assistance package.

Can employers contribute less to their retirement plans?

In the current stressed environment, "employers must take steps to remain in business, which means reducing expenses, including their contributions to their qualified retirement plans," say Wagner Law Group attorneys. (Photo: Marcia Wagner)


March 19, 2020

Turn 401(k)s into Bond Ladders

Franklin Templeton SVP Drew Carrington says his firm's Defined Maturity Funds, which work like bond ladders, could provide retirement income for 401(k) participants, and could be paired with qualified longevity annuity contracts.
March 12, 2020

An Actuary Assesses COVID-19

A mortality and longevity expert at Willis Towers Watson writes that 'the variability of the mortality impact by age makes the impact highly variable by type of insurer.'
March 5, 2020

At These Rates, Why Bother to Save?

Negative real interest rates have become a disincentive to personal savings, especially among lower-income Americans who will rely heavily on Social Security and Medicaid anyway, this team of economists from Stanford suggests.