The Myth of the Aging Society

‘The standard chronological measure of age makes less sense than ever,’ writes our guest columnist, a professor at the London School of Economics and co-author of ‘The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity.’

Don’t Fear the Trade Deficit with China

'The counterpart of a $568 billion U.S. trade deficit is $568 billion of foreign capital inflows into the United States,' writes the NumberNomics blogger and former chief U.S. economist for Lehman Brothers.
Variable annuities

Variable annuity deferral bonuses are working: Ruark

GLWB withdrawal frequencies have increased consistently at normal retirement age and above, with over half of withdrawals now at or near the maximum benefit amount, according to a study by the actuarial firm Ruark Consulting.
Fixed and indexed annuities

Indexed annuity sales up more than 10% in 1Q2018: Wink

AXA US was the top-seller of structured annuities, with a market share of 51.5%, but the top-selling contract in that category was the Brighthouse Life Shield Level Select 6-Year contract.


May 24, 2018

The Complex Truth about Retiree Medical Costs

The cost of medical care in retirement doesn't look as scary when you break it down into annual expenses and remember that insurance covers most of the big-ticket items.
May 17, 2018

This Is Worse than the Fiduciary Rule

Nature abhors a vacuum, and so does the retirement industry. Now that the Obama fiduciary rule is gone, some people are realizing that it actually served a purpose. The problems that the DOL addressed...
May 10, 2018

La Vida Robo

After MIT and a stint at Merrill Lynch, Carlos Garcia decided to start Finhabits, the first bilingual English and Spanish robo-advisor and savings tool. It's for first-time savers. It's also one of the first...