Taxes in Retirement: Front-Load or Back-Load?

Here are two ways a retired couple with a $1 million IRA might manage taxes: By either minimizing or maximizing them in the first 10 years of retirement. Zach Parker of Securities demonstrates.
Anecdotal Evidence

Why Eight States Are Suing Over ‘Reg BI’

'Dually registered' advisers can switch hats between the broker/commission model and the adviser/AUM model as needed, to the confusion and expense of investors. Eight state attorneys general say the SEC's 'Reg BI' allows the deception to continue.
Target Date Funds

Voya rolls out risk-adjusted TDFs

In addition to selecting an age-appropriate target date fund (TDF), participants can select a risk-appropriate TDF (conservative, moderate or aggressive).

Subscription-based planners sue SEC over Reg BI

Like eight state attorney generals, the subscription-based XY Planning Network has filed a federal lawsuit against the SEC in New York. XYPN was co-founded by celebrity adviser Michael Kitces and Alan Moore.

Honorable Mention

Lincoln’s Fuller wins IRI award; JP Morgan offers tool for plan advisors; Scholten to retire from Principal; Principal absorbs Wells Fargo plan services; 11% of Gen Xers still paying off their own student loans: Schwab; Genworth’s U.S. life insurance units suffer ratings downgrade; Military is adapting to new retirement savings system: Survey.


September 5, 2019

Be a ‘Succession Planter’ of Lifetime Income

Here's an income plan for a hypothetical 65-year-old couple with $1.6 million in savings, a real income goal of $8,000/mo. in retirement, and a legacy goal of $1.5 million.
August 22, 2019

A Second Structured Annuity Offers Income

CUNA Mutual Group invades Allianz Life airspace by launching 'Zone Income Annuity.' It's the only structured index annuity besides Allianz Life's Index Advantage Income to offer a lifetime income option. The two contracts differ...
August 15, 2019

Executive Interview: PRU’s Kent Sluyter

The president of Prudential Annuities since 2017, actuary Kent Sluyter spoke with RIJ recently about financial wellness and about his firm's pivot to a new generation of individual annuities.